Patrick Rafanan | Photography

Illustration, Animation, Motion, Video, GIFs

depression suicide attempt sharp object cuts slices wrist dripping red blood drops animated gif

"if it bleeds"

angry sad long hair black woman in blue dress on pink purple background colors animated fashion gif

"sleight-of-hand" aka "girl with a pink gun"

cute kawaii ponytail girl wearing wildfox shades cat ears felix cat clock eyes watching animated fashion gif

"wandering eyes"

"Call of the Cats" short video

handsome black man on yellow background wearing cartoon glasses with eyes bulging out pop pop menswear fashion animated gif

"pop-pop!" aka "mr. no eyes"

"The Kid" fashion short film

glamorous makeup red lipstick blue eyeliner kate face closeup crying cartoon tears animated beauty gif


soybaby cute kawaii blue robot face 8bit pixel bitmap illustration anime self portrait animated motion gif

"dazzlebot" original character animation

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